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NAZIR COTTON MILLS LIMITED has laid down the following business ethics and principles, the observance of which is compulsory for al the directors and staff members of the company in the conduct of company’s business in order to protect and safeguard the reputation and integrity of the company at all levels of its operations. Any contravention of these ethics is regarded as misconduct. The company will ensure that all the executives and subordinate staff members are fully aware of these standards and principles.

1. Conflict of Interest

All staff members are expected not to engage in any activity which can cause conflict between their personal interests and company’s interest, such as:

a)      In effecting the purchase for the company and selling its products, the Directors and the staff members are forbidden form holding any personal interest in any organization supplying goods or service to the company or buying its products.

b)      The staff members should not engage in any outside business while serving the company.

c)      Staff members are not permitted to conduct personal business in company’s premises or use company’s facilities for the same.

If a staff member has direct or indirect relationship with an outside organization dealing with the company he must disclose the same to the management.

2. Confidentially

 All staff members are required not to divulge any secrets / information of the company to any outside even after leaving the service of the company unless it is so required by a court of law. during the course of service. In the company they should not disseminate any information relating to business secrets of the company without the consent of management.

3. Kickbacks

All staff members are strictly forbidden not to accept any favor, gifts or kickbacks from any organization dealing with the company. In case if such a favor is considered, in the interest of the company, the same should be disclosed clearly to the management.

4. Proper Books of Accounts

All founds, receipt and disbursement should be properly recorded in the accounts books of the company. No false or fictitious entries should be made or misleading statement pertaining to

5. Relationship with Government Officials Suppliers and Agents etc.

The dealings of the company with Government officials, suppliers, buyers, agents and consultants of the company should always be such that the integrity of the company and reputation is not damaged. Members having queries in connection with how to deal with these requirements should consult the management.

6. Health and Safety

Every staff members is required to take care of his health and safety and of those working with him. The management’s responsibility for keeping its staff members insured government rules and regulations.

7. Environment

To preserve and protect the environment all staff members are required to operate the company’s facilities and processes so as to ensure maximum safety of the adjoining communicates, and strive contiguously to improve environmental awareness and protections.

8. Alcohol, Drugs

All types of gambling and betting at the company’s work places strictly forbidden. Also taking of any alcohols or drugs inside the work place is not allowed and any member of the staff, not abiding by these prohibitions will attract disciplinary as well as penal action under the law.

9. Coordination among staff members to maintain Discipline

All staff members will work in close coordination with their co-workers, superiors and colleagues. Every member will cooperate with other members so that the company’s work carried out effectively and efficiently. All case of non-cooperation among staff members should reported to the management for necessary and suitable action. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against those staff members who violate the rules and regulations of the company’s

10.Workplace harassment

All members of the staff will provide an environment that free from harassment and in which all employees are equally respected. Work place harassment means any action that creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment which may include sexual harassment, disparaging remarks base on gender, religious, race or ethnicity.